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About Us

Our aspirations are set on creating pristine bathrooms and kitchens, impeccably made beds, gleaming furniture, freshly vacuumed carpets, and hardwood floors so brilliant that your reflection beckons. We are firm believers that your home deserves a tailor-made cleaning experience that surpasses all your expectations, delivered by highly skilled professionals.


Our mission is to elevate cleanliness standards in the San Diego area, and it all begins with your residence.

Experience a Deeper Clean with Us

Our dedicated PROs are fully committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services that consistently exceed your expectations.  Sparkles cleaning company takes the necessary time and care to provide your San Diego home with the thorough clean it truly deserves. When you choose us, you can relish the delight of a clean home, tailored to your preferences!

What We Offer

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Our Philosophy

We are firm believers in the idea that when you're passionate about your work, it never feels like work at all. We've seen firsthand that when people enjoy what they do, they not only put in more effort but also deliver higher-quality results - all while enjoying the process.

We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning, teamwork, and individual growth. We deeply appreciate every team member's unique contributions to our work environment, and we actively encourage even our newest members to share their innovative ideas to enhance our workplace.

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